Mindfulness in Intimacy 1


Mindfulness in Intimacy 1

Emotional Awareness and Self Love

This course is designed to create a healthy and satisfactory relationship with yourself and others and to enhance love and deep intimacy by understanding and managing your emotional world in a better way.

In this course, you will learn how to recognise, understand, and accept what is really going on inside of you. This will help you to learn how to deal with it in a healthy way instead of a reactive way. Therefore, this means in order to be intimate with others you will have to be intimate with yourself first and embrace all your inner landscapes of emotions. The course is about enhancing this intimacy and enjoying the possibility to grow in Love and sharing it with others.

::Subjects we will explore::

– How to manage your emotional world.
– Bringing awareness to the armor that keeps you from opening your heart and learning how to let it go.
– Living from your essence rather than from your emotional armor.
– How to deal with disturbing emotions.
– Discovering resources to heal emotional wounds and insecurities that get activated in intimacy and sabotage trust and love.
– How to deal with the feeling of rejection in order to grow, enrich your self and not repeat painful patterns.
– The fine art of opening up, dropping masks and armor and opening your heart.
– Resources to approach wounds, insecurities, fears and blocks that get triggered in relationships.
– Although I know that I am a valuable person, why do I still feel deep inside that I’m not good enough or worthy?
– What is the shame and devaluation wound and how to address it?
– Dealing with the shock wound. Understanding why pressure and self-demand does not help to overcome your fears and blocks that have their source in the nervous system.
– Recognise when the search for love is a way to cover up emotional voids or insecurities.
– Expanding presence and meditation in your daily life.
– Create more trust, love and intimacy in your life.


::Methodologies used for this course::

– Demonstrations, explanations, self discovery and introspection exercises, emotional release practices, guided meditations, family constellation exercises and group dynamics especially conceived to offer the participant resources in order to build up trust and to know him or herself better.

*About the facilitator:

The facilitator is a teacher that brings his knowledge and wisdom of 25 years studying and teaching Tantra, Self Discovery, Co-dependency and Vipassana Meditation to Samma Karuna. He has studied and facilitated courses with some of the leading trainers in the world, including, Wat Ram Poeng in Thailand, Osho Meditation Community in India and the world renowned Astiko just to name a few. His passion is to share this invaluable knowledge with others so that they too can benefit from this life changing work.