Mindfulness in Intimacy 2

Intimacy and Relationships

Do you long to connect and experience more love and deeper intimacy not only with yourself but with others?.

Usually we desire intimacy with another that is fulfilling, truthful, transparent and nourishing. However, in reality, we often find that when we get close and intimate with another person, we eventually encounter our fears, needs, insecurities and emotional wounds. In this course, we will discover ways to move beyond our emotional blockages and help us to move towards that nourishment that we all crave and deserve.

::Subjects we will explore::

– Bringing awareness and healing to detrimental patterns and dynamics in relationships.
– Identify emotional unconscious contracts that stop our growth and sabotage the relationship.
– Relationship: From a war game to a Love game.
– Lies and truths on Love in an intimate relationship.
– Learning to drop pretenses and meeting authenticity.
– Nourishing sexuality in an intimate relationship while deepening intimacy and connection.
– Recognizing how sex is often used to compensate, avoid vulnerability and close our hearts.
– Discovering the adventure of conscious sex and intimacy: Presence, passion, vulnerability and relaxation.
– Building up relaxation and trust in yourself and with life.
– Using meditation as a path to go beyond masks, roles and patterns that stop you from discovering your true essence and your capacity to love and to be loved.

::Methodologies used for this course::

– Demonstrations, explanations, self discovery and introspection exercises, emotional release practices, guided meditations, family constellation exercises and group dynamics especially conceived to offer the participant resources in order to build up trust and to know him or herself better.

*About the facilitator:

The facilitator is a teacher that brings his knowledge and wisdom of 25 years studying and teaching Tantra, Self Discovery, Co-dependency and Vipassana Meditation to Samma Karuna. He has studied and facilitated courses with some of the leading trainers and centers in the world, including, Wat Ram Poeng in Thailand, Osho Meditation Community in India and the world renowned Astiko just to name a few. His passion is to share this invaluable knowledge with others so that they too can benefit from this life changing work.