Mindfulness in Intimacy 2

Intimacy and Relationships

Don’t you long to connect and experience more love and deeper intimacy not only with yourself but with others?.

Our deep nature is full of love and freedom. However, our relationships and intimacy trigger our blockages, insecurities and fears that lead us to experience frustration, scarcity, perhaps anger and lack of love and satisfaction. In this training we will face the internal mechanisms that drive us to experience these unsatisfactory states. We will learn tools to discover our way back home through intimacy with yourself and with others. Through meeting your inner world and that of the other and learning to honour and embrace it. Growing in trust and love. The way back to our hearts.

::Subjects we will explore::

– Bringing light and healing to detrimental patterns and dynamics in relationships.
– Identify unconscious contracts that prevent us from growing and sabotage our love and intimacy.
– Relationship: From a war game to a Love game.
– Lies and truths on Love in an intimate relationship.
– The joyful adventure of opening and authenticity. – The stages of intimacy: Passion, vulnerability, frustration, wounds, presence, love, relaxation and flow.
– Recognising how sex is often used to compensate, avoid vulnerability and close our hearts. – Nourishing sexuality in an intimate relationship while deepening intimacy and connection.
– Growing in trust and love in yourself and with life.
– Meditation and self discovery as a way to let go of masks, roles and patterns and embrace your capacity to love and to be loved.

::Methodologies used for this course::

– Demonstrations, explanations, self discovery and – Demonstrations, explanations, self discovery and introspection exercises and practices, guided meditations, group dynamics and practices in order to bring light, love and liberation into the participant world. Offering tools that the participant can use and apply in their daily life for their benefit.

*About the facilitator:

Bruno brings his knowledge and wisdom of 25 years studying and teaching Tantra, Self Discovery, Co-dependency and Vipassana Meditation to his workshops and trainings. He has studied and facilitated courses with some of the leading trainers and places in the world, including, Wat Ram Poeng in Thailand and Osho Meditation Community in India. He was trained on co-dependency and healing the emotional world with his friend and master Ketan Raventos. His passion is to share this invaluable knowledge with others so that they too can benefit from this life changing work.