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Mindfulness in Intimacy 1.
Emotional awareness and Self love
21 to 23 Decembre.

Samma Karuna. Koh phangan
Mindfulness in Intimacy 2
Relationships and intimacy

28 to 30 Decembre
Samma Karuna. Koh phangan

Mindfulness in intimacy. Emotional awareness. July 2020

Mindfulness in intimacy. Relationships and intimacy. July 2020



Relationships, parents & intimacy.

Family constellations is a therapeutic approach designed to help reveal the hidden dynamics in a family or relationship in order to address any stressors impacting these relationships and heal them.

The type of relationship we have with our mother and with our father will directly influence our attitude towards life: how we feel, how we relate, how we experience trust and self-esteem and address our vital projects.

What’s unresolved with your parents doesn’t automatically disappear. It serves as a template that forges your later relationships. Maybe you‘ve experienced this with a partner. If you felt you didn’t get enough from your mother, perhaps you also feel that you don’t get “enough” from your partner. It’s a harsh reality, but it’s true more often than not. The same holds true with your father. Your unresolved relationship with your father will also show up in your love life.

When these fundamental ties are sick or unable to complete, we experience a lack of love, judgment, attachment, rejection or resentment; we generate codependency relationships, repeat painful patterns, or isolate ourselves.

If we want to feel free, capable and deserving, to be truly open to love and prosperity and have the trust to develop our full potential, we need to heal our roots, free our hearts, unload ourselves from ballast that prevent us from being at peace, grow and flourish.

In this workshop we will use family constellations and other practices so we can grow and flourish in life and root ourselves in presence and love.






How to be more present in everyday life?

How to be more conscious in relationships?

How to deal with stress, difficult emotions and mind-chaos?

How to deal with the inner judge in our mind?

How to approach fear, insecurity, untrust, jelausy, resentment, loneliness, and other blocks like relationships conflicts?

Meditation is the base for self-awareness and to explore inside where the source of peace, fulfillment and love resides. Relating with friends family and intimate relationships is the field where we can see reflections of our self, where we stand and which places we can focus our awareness for a greater freedom, liberation and love.
We will use active meditations as well as silent meditation. We will explore through sharing and practices our emotions and our conscious and unconscious dynamics relating with others, especially with family and intimate relationships.
the way to rest at home, the way to get in touch with that part of your self that is home. Meditation shows you the space from which you can embrace all and every part of yourself. So it is the ultimate way to live at peace and fulfillment with your self, with life and others. We will explore how to deepen into meditation and its benefits in an easy way.
we will learn how to relate with our emotions and feelings in a healthy way. We will comprehend, understand their dynamics so we can observe our emotional world in a way that can be useful for our personal growth. We will look into this through explanations and different practices.
we will study how to dissolve roles and patterns that we unconsciously take in relationships. This patterns block the free flow, kindness and love with our loved ones. As we become aware of this unconscious dynamics we are ready to unblock and liberate ourselves, so we can live a more fulfilling and loving relationships.

We will use tools as:

  1. Spaces of silent sitting – vipassana meditation
  2. Osho Kundalini meditation.
  3. Osho Giberish meditation.
  4. Spaces for spontaneus movement of the body, with or without music.
  5. We will use entire mornings , afternoon and evenings in silence in order to support our inner growth. We will do exercises and practices to explore your emotional world and grow into awareness and presence.
  6. Spaces for sharing in group, questions or anything you find valuable to share with the facilitator.


Bring awareness to your emotional world and to the dynamics of your relationships so you can live in a more peacefull, loving and fulfilling way your day to day life.


Participants of Bruno Mushotoku’s Workshop at Here & Now Retreat Center
We will look into how to apply the benefits of meditation and self awareness into our day to day life. So we will explore subjects as:

  • -Your emotional world. To know, understand, and manage appropiately your emotional world.
  • -Relationships and intimacy. How to adress the fears, untrust, resentment, blocks and partnership conflicts.
  • -Projection of love and happiness in the future: Realizing how we build a characther that lives between gladness and fustration according to the circumstances, yet missing the source of love and well being that we are.
  • -Discovering your characther. We get identified with a characther that we call “I”. This one will never find fullfilment, since its an impermanent illusory entity. Waking up from this dream characther and realizing your true nature liberates you from a junk of unnecessary suffering.


Bruno Mushotoku

Bruno lived in Wat Ram Poeng vipassana international meditation centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand for two years. There the master asked him to get involved in the teachings. After that period he went to India where he found Osho international meditation commune. He lived there in Pune, India for seven years, where he explore the applications of meditation  and personal growth for our modern society.  For the last 15 years Bruno has been facilitating sessions, groups and retreats of  meditation and self discovery in different countries and continents such as India, Thailand, Bali, Germany and Spain. Now he lives in Spain as a base where he keeps on sharing sessions and courses, and travels around the world when invited to share.


Contact:, , office: +48662759576,
Jacek Towalski: +48 602219382, Maja Wołosiewicz – Towalska: +48 606994366




6 days  Yoga and Self Awareness retreat in Thailand


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