This work is for us to understand, discover and meet our emotional world, finding ways to relate to it that are satisfying, nourishing and healthy.

In order to live intimacy and love with another being I need to find intimacy and love with myself. That is first: emotional awareness and self love. Then I can meet deeper in intimacy with another one. That is Mindfulness in intimacy: Intimacy and relationships.

Emotional awareness so I can understand how my emotional world works. Why I feel what I feel. How to manage and how to relate to my inner world in a healthy and nourishing way to accept and love myself.

Mindfulness in intimacy so I can also live fulfilling, truthful, transparent and nourishing relationships and intimacy.

Welcome to the fascinating exploration of your inner world and how this influences and affects your relationships.


3 responses to “Home

  1. Santiago Jesus Vilicich

    Hola Bruno!me gustaria consultarte si das retiros en Argentina, muchas gracias!
    Santiago Jesus Vilicich

  2. Excelente contenido que lleva mas allá de todo contenido. El descanso y belleza que acompañan un amanecer impersonal. La profunda y simple alegría de estar vivos. Todo esta completo Aquí y Ahora. En el Vacío de la Plenitud.

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